Premium Mobile Designs

Based on mobile standards and Google's material design standards we build you a customized, visually appealing, mobile interface.

Custom Mobile App Development

We collaborate with you to fully program a customized site that provides the tools that meet your needs.. For examples see "Web Apps" under portfolio.

Amazing support

Throughout every step of the process, you will have a Weblogix representative providing answers to any of your questions and help when you need it. The transparency of our services and the professionalism of our staff will ensure that you have an easy and efficient experience. After 20 years of web development, we are using that experience to become one of the best mobile app development companies in America. Contact us today!

ios and Android App Platforms

We do android app development and apple's ios development. In fact, we build on a special platform that allows you to save up to 40% on typical mobile development costs that come from building on two separate programming languages. Its not any of the quirky ones out there, its a solid foundation without all the quirks of the initial competitors.

Latest Mobile App Standards

Whether its a web based mobile app or a native app we our an app development company that builds and tests on many sizes and devices to meet today's standards on mobile app portability. In early 2015, apple announced that they will not approve any more mobile apps unless they have a 64-bit component built in. We keep up with the trends and will give you the competitive edge in mobile app development.

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