Decks & More

Rich colors, dynamic interface, and transferable across and tablet devices. Check out the compelling image carousel and the optimized version.

Yep it's Yogurt

Colorful design with personalized banner and built on a WordPress content management platform that�s easy to use while still being customizable.


A lively website with custom built menu buttons and inspirational header images. Company converts wind to energy from kites.

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The Jump Starter

A Weblogix property with a custom ordering page. A robust internet marketing manual inside a dynamic mind map.

Mobilize Masters

Weblogix's non-profit, philonthropic project. Clean website with tons of javascript programming that drives live content into a boxed widget for other webmasters. Four lines of dynamic source code drive a dynamic event calendar.

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HR Chiro

Designed years ago, this site has a cutting edge design for it�s time. Includes a customized Content Management System (CMS) personalized for the client.

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Vinings Village Realty

Built for lower resolutions with a focus on fast loading times. Includes a client-requested flash animated intro.

Transport 4 Sales Slick

Sales Slick for an oil transport services. This site uses rich reds with an opaque photo backdrop for maximum impact.

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Beyond Organic Biz Cards

Weblogix also offers an array of dynamic business card templates that can be specifically tailored to a company's persona. Printed through (Photographs by Weblogix)

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Trade Show Display

A Gorgeous 8' x 8' Trade Show Backdrop with stock pictures and creative diagrams to effectively and concisely convey the company�s products and message.

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Sales & Promotions Tracking

A Intranet Portal for a large mobile phone reseller. Created a tracking system in .Net for tracking sales, employees, commissions, and promotional sales. Over 2 years, tens of thousands of lines of code, in a 5 phase project.

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Saas System Integrations and BI Reporting

A large scale project where we integrated several Sofware as a Service Companies into one central database so that a company could glean valuable business intellegince insights from a powerful BI visualization tool.

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Web App - Saafire

A Brandable VIP Table Booking System for clubs. Includes a real-time inventory table management for the establishment. Users pre-booked thie tables and desired spirits before coming the club. Full blown data-management for clients

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Web App - Reservelogix

A Weblogix property, Reservelogix is a complex, multi-faceted reservation booking engine. Over 20k lines of code in 3 different modules = hotel room bookings, group travel, and time-based appointments.

Web App - GSM Phone Finder

A b2b informational sales-letter site. Includes 2 sales videos, first with a professional voice over. Also, incorporates live chatting feature and an email sourcing, lead nurturing system.

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Car Reservation System

A customer ordering process that allows customers to reserve a car from real-time inventory, while the staff effectively manages reservations in a robust back-end administration area.

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Optin Email Administration System

A full-blown email list renting and delivery system for emailing messages to targeted demographics. A list and email management system with over 10K lines of code.

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Kenects is a business networking app that allows you to tie valuable contact information from linkedin and Facebook profile information to your contact. Extensive Tagging is done to easily reference contacts. This Mobile App was written using Xamarin, which saved the client up to 50% from standard mobile development fees because you don't need to write in 2 langauges. Project stopped after 90% mark due to Linkedin API restrictions.

Want to see more websites? Weblogix has been in this industry for 20 years and we have a long list of websites that we�ve created over the years. Even decades ago, we were creating cutting edge designs that were robust in design and programming for its time. Request to see our older sites by contacting us.